USB Transfer (all devices)

To download your digital book to your device, most reading devices will have a USB port. USB ports come in several sizes - its either a mini, macro or standard USB port.

First download your book from the website to your computer. Then connect your reading device to your computer using a USB cable, and drag the files over to your reading device.

For iPads, Android and Window devices - drag over the EPUB file.

For Kindle devices - drag over the MOBI file.

Other Methods

Only consider the alternative methods below if you cannot do a USB transfer for some reason.


When you setup your Amazon Kindle account, you would have been assigned a special email address. You can email the ebook file to this email address and it'll be transferred wirelessly to your Kindle over Whispernet. There will be a small Amazon fee for this service.

The Kindle software is also available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and BlackBerry, with support for MOBI format ebooks.


Some iPad users use a program called Stanza along with the EPUB format. To put your EPUB files onto your tablet, you'll need to install Stanza Desktop for Windows or Mac. It doesn't do a great job of reading EPUB books, but any EPUB book you open in it will be shared over your wifi network to Stanza iPhone. Just follow the instructions on the Stanza website.